Action and Advocacy

The IMSI is a professional advocate for 100% Pure Maple Syrup, one of the world’s most loved natural sweeteners!
Photo courtesy of Cornell Sugar Maple Program


Our objective is to provide a forum for communication among all maple stakeholders.

Including the tens of thousands of maple forest farmers, maple producer associations, maple processors and distributors, maple equipment manufacturers, and maple science, technology and outreach and education institutions.

This approach allows us to be relevant and effective and to engage collectively on issues affecting the industry’s interests and economic viability.

Collective efforts for a better tomorrow

Our collective efforts encompass focused advocacy, legislative initiatives and groundbreaking research, all aimed at a future that is abundant with sustainable opportunities — and delicious syrup.

  Promoting Opportunities

Promoting the sustainable growth and competitiveness of the maple industry in the global food marketplace.

  Advocacy and Collaboration

Advocating and collaborating with government, trade, commerce, research, education and international affairs on issues related to the maple industry.

  Proactive Monitoring

Proactively monitoring the North American political and regulatory environment as it pertains to our industry, trade and consumers.

  Influencing Legislation

Influencing favorable legislation, regulations, policies and programs for maple producers and consumers.

  Protecting Authenticity

Protecting the authenticity and integrity of pure maple syrup and enforcing the Standard of Identity in domestic and foreign markets.

  Supporting Quality

Supporting quality initiatives that ensure the continued production of maple syrup and maple food products that conform to established, regulated quality standards.

 Advocating for Research

Advocating for research grants and supporting university and institution extension programs that deliver maple education and research to advance the industry.

  Supporting Innovation

Supporting innovative and evolving industry practices, processes and technology that improve operational and environmental performance.

  Fostering an Inclusive Culture

Fostering an inclusive maple culture that encourages, supports and celebrates the diversity of our customers, consumers and maple community members.

  Preserving Tradition

Preserving and promoting our traditional maple syrup culture, customs and processes that are vital to the authenticity and unique identity of pure maple syrup.

Photo courtesy of UVM Proctor Maple Research Center


The IMSI supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. 

We recognize our responsibility to help protect the planet. We are committed to minimizing the impact that we have on the environment and supporting those who are working to improve global environmental sustainability.

The IMSI seeks to reduce its environmental-footprint and address greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions and waste in our operation. We will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and strive to continually strengthen our environmental practices.

The IMSI encourages and supports its members to actively take measures to reduce carbon emissions, combat climate change and achieve the highest level of environmental stewardship of any forest resource industry.