Celebrating the outstanding achievements of the worldwide maple industry.
Courtesy of Federation of Québec Maple Syrup Producers


The IMSI is powered by selfless volunteers including our board members, general members and the maple business and institutional operators in our many industry sectors. 

We are thankful to the experts on our team who pitch in on special committees, work for the industry to overcome threats to maple’s future and embrace opportunities that arise. To show our gratitude, IMSI recognizes this hard work and dedication every year with three different awards given out at the IMSI Annual General Meeting


The IMSI has three award categories, each with its own award. 

The President’s Award is chosen exclusively by the executive committee who recognize people who have helped the IMSI achieve its objectives. The Lynn Reynolds Memorial Leadership and the Golden Maple Leaf Award are awarded for achievement and innovation and leadership respectively. The selection process is as follows:


Any individual, group or firm who has been active in the maple syrup industry within at least the past five years and has demonstrated the qualities pertinent to either of these awards may be nominated. The nominee must be nominated by at least one paid member of the IMSI.

Selection Committee:

Selection of the winning nominations will be done by the IMSI’s Executive Committee based on the criteria for the written award submission listed below.


Clarity of application, persuasiveness of the rationale and magnitude and significance of the achievement on the maple industry and the people who work in the industry.


If you envision an individual, group or firm who is active in the maple syrup industry and has displayed excellence in their field, please send your written submission to IMSI’s Executive Director at by the end of February each year.